Is your life rich, full, meaningful and filled with joy, peace and love? It should be! And, if you claim to be a follower of Christ you should live the most exciting, valuable, compelling and winsome life possible. You should stand out as a “life on a hill”.

In this core High/Ground Program Ron Jenson explains how to live this type of life here and now! And, he teaches you how to help others live this type of life also.

What are the benefits:

  • Recognize the causes of the character crisis
  • Discover your sense of purpose and focus in combating this epidemic
  • Find out how you can be part of the character revolution
  • Understand and employ strategies for character-based biblical success
  • Develop tools to handle stress and resolve conflict
  • Achieve lifelong personal leadership growth and learning
  • gain the wisdom of abundant living (MAXIMIZERS) found in the internationally best selling book, Achieving Authentic Success, that has been translated in multiple languages. See what others are saying about the book.
  • build a personal abundant life plan through the LIFE ACTION PLAN.
  • gain from the value of group wisdom by interacting with other class attenders and online coaches.
  • start each week right with weekly motivators from Dr. Jenson (WeekStarters).

Here are the specifics:

  • 6 40 minute webinars with Dr. Jenson and his team. To get more information on class sessions click here.
  • personal study (reading, online assessment, developing a personal life plan)
  • take the online MERIT Profile that serves like a MRI of your inner life, character and behavior. This “life checkup” is critical to finding those internal dysfunctions and challenges that hold you back from living and giving an abundant life.
  • interact online with High/Ground Certified Coaches and other participants.
  • to sign up or check out the class schedules go here.

Costs: $149