That is our goal for you…living and pass on an abundant life. So all of our programs address how to experience abundant living or how to build an abundant life into others.

Abundant Living Webinars

This 4 session webinar teaches you how to understand what an abundant life is and how to experience true abundance every day the rest of your life.

Abundant Life Coaching

This 6 session webinar equips you how to coach others in small groups or one-on-one how to live the abundant life!

Abundant LifeStyle

This 10 session group coaching webinar and other resources as well as a personal coaching session with Dr. Jenson is aimed a those leaders who want to live an abudnant lifestyle and lead and mark lives with abundant living in their families, businesses and communities.

Abundant Life (MERIT) Coaching Forums (under development)

For those who are serious about going deeper in their understanding of the MAXIMIZERS principles and the skills needed for Abundant Living these Coaching Forums are for you!

Abundant Manhood (Taking the Lead Men’s Study)

This 12 week small group program equips men to stand up and take the lead spiritually in all areas of life based on the model of Paul, Timothy and Silas in 1 Thessalonians 2:7-12.