The High/Ground network includes those Partners and Associates who have been nominated by two or more High/Ground Partners.

The Associates are followers of Christ who are committed to a life of walking with Jesus, actively build committed relationships and leverage their lives and resources for Christ and His Kingdom.

Associates will particiapte in the High Ground ministry through an annual suggested minimum contribution and will recieve all the benefits of the High/Ground Partners with the exception of attendance at the High/Ground Forums.  Benefits include:

High/Ground Action Groups – Monthly meetings among 3-5 of the H/G Partners focusing on intimacy with God and one another and personal, business and community transformation all done in a safe and transparent environment.  It is called an action group intentionally.

High/Ground Presents – Periodic Conference Calls (webinars) exposing the membership to the best-of-the-best leadership and Kingdom resource people in the world (interview model).

High/Ground Coaching – monthly group coaching calls by Dr. Jenson and his key contacts with the membership addressing issues such as personal growth, spiritual advancement, Kingdom impact, trends of the day, and leadership insights.

High/Ground Connections – a closed, discreet and private online network aimed at idea exchange, information dissemination, project engagement and team building.

High/Ground Kingdom Impact Projects – member initiated projects that leverage the resources of the membership in expanding God’s agenda.

For more information contact Ken Prentiss at