SEEDS San Diego (Sending Economic Encouragement to the Distressed) is a new project and ministry of High/Ground. It is a group of Christian women with a vision to make a substantial difference in the lives of the needy. The mission statement reads, “The purpose and mission of this Christ-centered organization is to award financial grants to selected evangelical Christian non-profit ministries that serve those in need.”

Our objective is to bring a large group of women together to participate in a simple plan of pooling resources to impact lives in a greater way. We are doing away with traditional fundraising—i.e. events, sales, dinners, etc.— in favor of a yearly contribution which we will split between two Christian nonprofit organizations, one in San Diego and one overseas, that help those in need.

You might wonder just why we’re initiating a new funding idea in the midst of such turbulent economic times. First, if we’re hurting we know the chronically hurting are hurting even more. Second, we believe that the best response is not cowering in our own little caves but planting seeds of hope, giving what we can to make something grow.

It’s recorded that Martin Luther was once asked what he would do if he knew the Lord was coming back tomorrow. “Plant a tree,” he said. It is in this spirit of hope and continuance that we offer SEEDS to you.

Explore our website to check out this new ministry. We are doing all we can to keep our organization as hassle free as possible for you and for us. So read through what we’ve assembled here—including our FAQs pages—and email us with any questions at