One of the most recent projects that High/Ground has initiated and is incubating is an online educational capability to enhance and expand the opportunity to reach and disciple millions for Christ.  There are growing numbers of groups that are seeing substantial numbers of people come to Christ through the internet. The challenge is to help move these people from a decision, to being a passionate follower of Christ.

Knowing that Christ commanded us to make disciples of all nations and not just convert, High/Ground is partnering with ministries such as global evangelism giant, Global Media Outreach (GMO) to help new believers move through the conversion process–interest, awareness, decision, commitment, application, inculcation, transformation and replication.

High/Ground will pull together the core leadership, help design the online system for growth, and bring together the best of the best resources to assist in the discipleship process.

Partnering with GMO  and two of our friends and associates, Walt Wilson, former General Manager at Apple Computer and EVP at Hewlett Packard and Marc Weimer, a Stanford trained technology executive, High/Ground will provide the ongoing discipleship platform.

Due to its tremendous success, GMO is a significant partnership as a feeder ministry for High/Ground.  Currently there are over 30,000 decisions for Christ per day through the GMO network, with over 3 million decisions in total since its inception.  However, even with this astounding success rate, there are an amazing number,10 million, that do not respond but have shown an interest.  That’s over 80% of the viewers that do not indicate a decision for Christ.  This “pre-qualified” number of leads is a ripe field to target with additional programming and presentations to help persuade them back to a decision making opportunity.

In addition there are millions more of potential viewers not yet being reached as programming, content, and site information has not been fully developed.  GMO believes that through the development of additional presentations, (utilizing IPTV, IP Radio, Cell technologies) and furthering the use of technology developments, (dynamic language translators, Social Networking, Intelligent Content Management, Leveraging other communities – Facebook, YouTube, MySpace) and enhancing Response Center effectiveness and efficiencies, it can position a “second-chance” to these 10 million visitors as well as reach millions more by developing new programming and leveraging technology to enhance its outreach.

This project is of special interest to High/Ground because most of those reached are normally unreachable.  They are feeling helpless and hopeless spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and often financially.  This proven approach of reaching this “lost” culture in the US and overseas allows High/Ground and her partners to make a substantial and sustaining impact on those otherwise unreached.