We love the work of the Trinity Forum. Ron Jenson was one of the Founding Board Members and we all continue to be moved by their thoughtful, thoroughly biblical approach to life.

Like most classical composers, I can quickly lose patience with musical limitations. Many of these are due to the immutable laws of acoustical physics or with the construction of various musical instruments: you cannot ask an oboist to play an octave below middle C; it is a pitch too low to be produced by that instrument. At other times the limitations before us may result from the attitude (or lack of talent) of a given performer: “How can you ask me to play those high notes so fast? It is completely impossible!” (Translation: “It is very hard to play, and I don’t want to play it.”)

Such limitations are not new to us. Bach would sometimes invent entirely new musical instruments when the existing ones could not play the music that was in his head. As to dealing with performers and the limitations they can offer composers, Beethoven comes to mind. Once, a violinist made the mistake of complaining to Beethoven about the difficulty of his part. The composer exploded, “Do you think that I consider your wretched instrument when the spirit moves me?”

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